Help Sderot

Saving young lives in southern Israel

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Since 2005, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has been working with Operation Lifeshield to place portable bomb shelters at public bus stops and schools in the western Negev, to protect the local population from the recurring rocket barrages. To date, we have donated over 25 shelters in Sderot, Ashkelon and other nearby towns and villages.

"We live in fear and anxiety.. We have only 15 seconds to find a shelter..."

(Father of four in Sderot)

Recently, we committed to providing a Lifeshield shelter to the Sderot Youth Center, a special facility for at-risk teens with an amazing record for turning troubled young lives around. ICEJ Aid has sponsored various projects at the Keren Or Youth Center over the past decade, and is now eager to answer their appeal for protection from the constant threat of rocket attack.

Please respond with your best gift today towards a life-saving bomb shelter for the Sderot Youth Center.